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Hey there folks, long time no read, eh? Yeah, it's been a weird couple months, but let me tell you, the next few months are gonna be all the better for it. Why you ask? Weeeeeell …

For starters, I've decided to ditch Twitch as a streaming platform. I know it doesn't sound like an improvement, but hear me out on this.

As some of you may or may not know, I've been streaming (almost) every Thursday both on Picarto.tv AND Twitch.tv (thanks to a nifty little website called Restream.io that allows for streaming to multiple sites at once) alongside one, sometimes two very talented artists (those being Mike of Antares Complex and Geo of Dorkly and Venture Party fame). There was just a problem I did not forsee: Keeping an eye on two chats simultaneously. Granted, I never did get much traction and/or interaction on Twitch, so ditching that platform doesn't really hurt now, but whenever someone popped in there it was a bit confusing (and tiring) to always add „User XYZ says ON TWITCH ...“. You see how that could get annoying relatively quickly, right? Right. Besides that, Twitch isn't really the site for creative streaming. I know they've implemented their creative section and all that, but one very rarely gains traction there.

To make up for the dropped platform, I'm thinking about streaming on both Monday AND Thursday, Monday most likely being a solo stream and Thursday focussing on multistreams with Mike and sometimes Geo, starting (hopefully) in October, so do keep an eye open for that. You can easily tell when I'm streaming by either following me on Instagram (yes, I do have Instagram now, but I rarely post much else other than update posts), Twitter or Facebook or by keeping an eye on the „Streaming Now“ button on the front page – if it's not grey, it means I'm online and you should come by and say hello or something. The chat is open for guests, so no Picarto account is needed. You have literally no excuse not to :P

Speaking of no excuses, I'll be at two cons this year! Yes, two! The first one being, of course, the Vienna Comix! It'll be my … dunno, fourth time attending now and I'm still looking forward to it as if it's the first time ever. Except I get to meet old friends and fans, and who knows, maybe even new ones (wink wink nudge nudge). So don't be shy and come by at the Vienna Comix on September 30th and October 1st. A bit short notice, I know.

The second con you can find me at is the Vienna Comic Con, or VIECC for short. It'll be my first time attending there, so I have no idea how it'll be, but if Spike is to be believed, it's apparently absolutely amazing. You can find me there in the artist alley on November 18th & 19th, I'd love to see y'all there!

I think that's actually about it. Tune in tomorrow for a new comic and as always, have a nice day n shit.



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