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So you found my webcomic. Good for you! Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Lukas “Lu” Draxl, I write and draw this here comic called ‘Piece of Me’. If you happen to like semi-autobiographical webcomics, you’re in luck, because I’ve got that in spades here. If you don’t ... well ... uhm ... you’ll hopefully give it a chance, at least.

So what’s this all about? Mostly about my surroundings and everything else that pops into my head – which might involve Space Invaders, nosy Gnomes or Hitler at one point or another.

Don’t ask.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay. You might want to browse through our cozy little archive or read more about recurring characters below. Either way, enjoy your stay and have fun!




Lu is the ... let's call him "artist" behind Piece of Me. He's generally a fun guy, but he tends to be pissed off rather easily, especially by idiocy and lost matches of Magic: The Gathering. His regular struggles with writer's block often throw him off his update schedule.

First appearance:
№ 1 / Writer's Block


Tami is Lu's girlfriend and muse. She's kind, funny, good with kids and sometimes a little bit clumsy and stubborn (In a cute way, of course.) It's needless to say that her weird nature is comedy gold, so many comics are inspired by her real-life quirks.

First appearance:
№ 9 / Valentine's Tards


Spike is very offended about the fact that he appeared both after Snowy AND Hitler. Hitler for FUCKS SAKE. In fact, he is offended that this comic is not about him anyway. OFFENDED! Oh, he also happens to have written several strips for Piece of Me.

First appearance:
№ 18 / Meet Spike.


Short tempered, stubborn and quite obsessive over some sort of master race, he tries everything to achieve world domination, yet he manages to screw everything up in the process. Is it just his bad luck or is he lacking the necessary brain capacity? Who knows?

First appearance:
№ 11 / Fun with Hitler #1


Manu is one of Lu's closest friends, a brilliant composer and a Magic: The Gathering enthusiast. He appears very level-headed and dry to strangers, but is one of the most random persons you'll ever meet. Despite being gay, he never misses an opportunity to crack a homophobic joke for shits and giggles.

First appearance:
№ 70 / Totally Gay

Writer's Block

Some consider him the villain of Piece of Me, others just as a slight annoyance. Whatever you may think about him, he just seems to enjoy to screw with everybody's creativity. Nobody knows for sure what he's getting out of it or what his agenda really is.

First appearance:
№ 1 / Writer's Block

Space Invader

This little fella just really likes to invade all sorts of spaces. There isn't a whole lot more that is known about it other than it seems to be a technology based life form ... which might cause some trouble should he get in contact with Tami.

First appearance:
№ 72 / So this is how EA works...


They might look like ordinary garden gnomes, but don't be fooled by their appearance: They LOVE to spy on people. We're not sure what for (or for whom) though ... or where they even came from. Yet.

First appearance:
№ 148 / Surveillance


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