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Subtle changes


Hello there! If you've visited the page in the past few days or so, you might notice a subtle change today - that's because I've opted to make the comment section a little more prominent after getting some feedback on it, saying that it's hard to figure out where it is.


As you see, the comments now replace the news as soon as you browse through the comics or when you click that "XY Comments" link in the navigation below the current strip. You can get back to the blog simply by returning to the landing page (by clicking the logo on desktop or by navigating to "Home" on mobile devices in the menu to the left). Also, the search bar swapped places and is now located to the right above the strip - it even scrolls down with the other buttons to allow you easy and quick access to the search function.

Anyway, I hope you like the changes. I didn't stay awake until 3 a.m. for nothing. On a workday, no less.


I am not a smart man.

Vienna Comix roundup & Piece of Me on Tapastic


Oh dear, I completely forgot to write a short summary about the Vienna Comix. I shall remedy that immediately.

So, Vienna Comix. What a cool little convention. Spike and I were able to get a table in the artist's room and let me tell you, it really paid off. Not only did we have a blast joking around with all manner of cool people (especially Dogeatello, you gals rock!), we also sold a few books, so it sorta, kinda, probably, maybe paid off financially as well. Which is a nice bonus, but really not what we came for in the first place - our focus was to meet a few readers and to gain a few new ones, and boy, did that work wonderously. My best moment by far was that one group of youths who asked me if I'm cool with them cosplaying one of my characters, Plot Twist Man. Yes, I'm completely serious. Needless to say that I was completely floored. So if you guys are reading this, you officially made my day.

Since this was our very first con, I can't really say whether this is normal or not, but con visitors are about the nicest folks you could imagine. Rarely have I ever seen so many smiles around, so much genuine niceness in one place, and never have I ever felt so much at home amidst so many strangers so quickly. No matter your fandom, everyone I met and talked to got along with each other, I haven't seen a single instance of somebody pissing someone else off or anything else along those nasty lines. So basically, it was the polar opposite of what you see on the internet on a regular basis.

I loved it.

Tami did too, judging by all the My Little Pony merch she carried back home.

Suffice to say that we're SO going to apply for a table at the next con in October. We're already impatiently looking forward to the next Vienna Comix and to seeing all you awesome people again.

Tami, Lu and Spike at our booth on the Vienna Comix convention

In other news, you can now also find our comic Piece of Me on Tapastic. In case you're not familiar with that website, it's basically the Netflix of Webcomics: You've got tons (and I mean TONS) of awesome comics - like ours, ha ha - in one place, completely free of charge. In addition, you're supporting creators with ad revenue (I know you guys hate ads, but if you could turn off AdBlock over there, that'd be really swell. No pressure though <3 ) or you can support them directly, Patreon style. I should point out that you'll still get our comics on our own website sooner since it's still our primary outlet. Just sayin'.

So if you're already using Tapastic or if you're just curious what it's all about, pay us a visit there. You won't regret it. I hope.


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