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No 192: iPay

Piece of Me. A webcomic about shady services and odd watches.

Piece of Me - Now available on Comic Chameleon!

15. July 2014

Did you know that our comic is now available in the iPhone app Comic Chameleon?


You should totally check it out. Not only would we really appreciate the support, but there are also many more amazing comics like Awkward ZombieSaturday Morning Breakfast CerealxkcdChainsawsuitBoxer HockeyDinosaur Comics,OglafThe Abominable Charles Christopher and so on and so forth.

"But wait", I hear you ask, "what about an Android app?"

That's a very good question. As far as I know, there'll be a Kickstarter for that sooner or later. I'll keep you informed.


Until then, thanks for checking out our comic on Comic Chameleon!


Our Tshirt on Qwertee.com

04. June 2014

Guess what! ... no, guess again.

You know what, screw that, I'll just tell you. I've decided to give Qwertee a shot, and what do you know, my t-shirt design is now live and open for voting! Head over to Qwertee.com and kindly vote for our design, maybe it'll get printed soon. You've got two weeks to vote, so make 'em count!

And remember: sharing is caring.

So thanks in advance everyone and stay awesome!


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E-Mail: lukas@pomcomic.com

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