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Webcomic Underdogs Switcheroo & Vienna Comix


Hello there Internet! As you can see, I'm doing things a little differently today, namely with a guest strip by George Ward (you can find his webcomic here: moam.webcomic.ws). How did I get the honours? Why, April Fool's, of course! To be more specific, I'm taking part in the Webcomic Underdogs April Fools' Switcheroo, which involves exchanging guest comics between participating artists. I also feel like I should recommend Webcomic Underdog's community to anyone who creates comics of their own, it's a truly lovely bunch. If you wanna check out their site you can do so here: webcomicunderdogs.com

Vienna Comix

In other news, we, as in Tami, Spike, his girlfriend and me, are going to be at the Vienna Comix comic convention from 18th to 19th April! Yes, that's right, if you happen to be in Vienna that time of the year, you can seize the opportunity to come by and say Hi to at least three of your favourite Piece of Me characters themselves! But not only that, we're also going to have tons of super swanky swag for you to pick up and take home: BOOKS! (among other things) Indeed, the very first Piece of Me book "Erste Wahl" (only in German for the time being, sorry!) will be available for purchase at our booth, Spike is going to sell his very first Void Comics comic books as well! If that's not reason enough to swing by, I don't know what to do with you, honestly.

So save the date (18th - 19th of April 2015) and come visit us! You won't regret it.

I think.

Fan Art!

20. February 2015

Every now and then, I'm getting some amazing pieces of fan art. Such was the case yesterday evening, so I thought I'd share it with you. If you're curious about the other stuff these artists are doing, just click on the images – it'll take you right to their webcomics.

So without much further ado ... feast yer eyes!

Taking the Bypass by David Buist
by David Buist

This Mortal Coil by Glenn Song
by Glenn Song

Paradoxum by Gendgi Sevenblades
by Gendgi Sevenblades

West by Kate Slinger
by Kate Slinger


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